You’ve probably been a caregiver in one degree or another for several years already, but what does it mean for you as the caregiver when your senior is nearing the end of her life? It might not be as complicated as you fear.

It’s Less about Hands-on Care and More about Comfort

Hospice Care in Branchville SC - What Is Your Role as the Caregiver Late in Life?
Hospice Care in Branchville SC – What Is Your Role as the Caregiver Late in Life?

Your focus in the past might have been on hands-on care with your aging family member. You might have helped her to get dressed or helped her with eating. There may be other support personnel in place now, especially hospice care providers, who can take over those duties for you. This is especially true if those daily tasks have become more complicated.

You’re a Coordinator of Care

As your other duties diminish a bit, you’re still going to find that you’re the coordinator of your senior’s care. That part doesn’t change. What that means is that all of the conversations that you and your senior have gone through to determine what she wants are going to come into play shortly, if they haven’t already. If you haven’t had those talks and it’s almost too late, you still have more information than you think about what she wants.

You Still Know Your Senior

Whether your aging family member is able to communicate or not, you still know her and her likes and dislikes. If she has always enjoyed certain music, play it now. Make some of her favorite meals. Do the things that she enjoys, whether you think she’s able to fully enjoy them or not. Chances are very good that she’s far more aware than you realize.

You Need to Prepare for Afterward

This time is also important so that you can prepare for what happens afterward. When your senior dies, there will be a variety of different emotions that you’ll feel and it helps to start dealing with them now. Seek out therapy options, support groups, and friends or family who can help you through this time that is to come. It’s never too early to start dealing with your grief and other strong feelings.

Hospice care providers are able to take over the bulk of the tasks you might have performed for your senior in the past. They can work as a liaison between your senior and you and her medical team, which can take a huge load off your shoulders. Their presence can allow you to just be with your family member.

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