What Families Are Saying?

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness …..we also want to thank you for the visits while we were in the hospital awaiting an answer as to treatment for Neville. It was very nice to have friendly and familiar faces come to talk with us and explain hospice policies. After leaving the hospital, our staff gave excellent care in getting things set up for Neville’s comfort as well as directions for the caregivers in our home. I won’t call names for fear of leaving someone out, but all were great – caring – friendly – (singing) – considerate of our feelings and his comfort. Thank you for the way you all took care of Neville and for being available for whatever we needed. We are thankful for agencies who give of themselves to help people through situations like we had.


November 16, 2015

To My Grove Park Hospice Family:


I would be very sorry if I did not bring the outstanding care I have been receiving from Grove Park Hospice to your attention. When MUSC released me after 10 days straight of Chemo, plus 5 days recuperation time, I was on death’s threshold. MUSC would not release me unless Hospice took care of me. The Hospice MUSC provided was ok, but would not do till the end.

My sister, Robin Woodward, called Grove Park Hospice after 2 weeks of the other Hospice care and I was still close to death. Needless to say, we made the switch to Grove Park Pharmacy Hospice immediately. The principle factor being that Grove Park Hospice has a Respiratory Therapist on hand 24 hours a day, plus others.

When Grove Park Hospice entered my life, my quality of life increased dramatically, mainly due to an angel entering my life in the form of nurse, Ginger Peagler. Her care and kindness is invaluable to someone who had been told, along with my family upon my release August 1, that I had less than 2 weeks to live. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been buried long ago without Ginger.

Ginger has been a pure Godsend to help me through my final days and I must give all of the thanks to you, the Grove Park Hospice, and God, for hiring and paying high quality workers. I have become attached to Ginger as if she was family. I look forward to seeing her and enjoying her company. She always has time and is never in a hurry. I feel like I am number 1 with her just as she is with me.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t give thanks for the respiratory therapist, Robin Cook. She and two others, Jennifer Mann and Cyrus Brigman, had me hooked up to an oxygen making machine the same day you became my provider. I have found nothing but pure excellence in the entire staff at Grove Park, and although I am but one, I hope you will share my profound gratitude and personal sense of debt, especially to Ginger, but also to Robin, Jennifer and Cyrus as well.

May God Bless you All,

Oakley Mann