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Misunderstandings about Hospice Care

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Care at the end of life is something that not a lot of people are comfortable talking about, mainly because death and dying are complicated and difficult topics. That unfortunately leads to a lot of misunderstandings about what hospice care is and how it can help your elderly family member during this stage of her […]

What Determines if Your Senior Is a Candidate for Hospice?

by Charles Thompson, Owner

One of the things that can keep family members and seniors from considering hospice care is that they just don’t know what it takes to really be ready for hospice. The requirements for hospice can help you and your senior to determine if she might be ready. Your Senior’s Conditions Are Terminal Whatever health conditions […]

Five Ideas to Funeral Plan with Your Senior

by Charles Thompson, Owner

If you and your elderly family member haven’t talked much about what she wants her funeral to look like, you might want to address that topic. Very often seniors want to be involved in these decisions, especially when you start talking about the smaller details. Instead of assuming she doesn’t want to be involved, it’s […]