The idea of starting to work with hospice elder care services is one that can be confusing at first. So many people aren’t sure what hospice entails and that opens the door for misinformation and misunderstandings. The more that you can learn about hospice, the better for your family member and your entire family. Here are a few ways to determine if hospice is right for your loved one.

Hospice Care in St. Mathews SC: Is Hospice Right for Your Family Member?

Hospice Care in St. Mathews SC: Is Hospice Right for Your Family Member?

She’s Dealing with a Terminal Illness.

Most people who are in hospice treatment are coping with a terminal health condition. This means that the illness itself is not treatable or it has progressed to a point for your family member that treatment isn’t likely to help. Hospice care at this point is about comforting your family member and making sure that she gets the best quality of life possible for the rest of the time that she has left.

Her Doctor Has Recommended Hospice.

At some point, your family member may still want to try fighting her health issues. Her medical team may have other ideas, though. Your family member’s doctor may recommend that she start looking into hospice elder care as a way to maintain quality of life in the time that she has left. It’s worth investigating this option to see if it’s something that will help your family member.

She Doesn’t Have Much Time Left.

Normally hospice services are available once your family member has a short amount of time left due to her health conditions. No one is guaranteed a set amount of time, though, and your family member may feel that her illness is progressing much faster than her medical team feels that it is. Ultimately, hospice elder care is going to do the most for her when she’s facing only a short amount of time left.

She’s Looking for a Holistic Approach to Her Care.

Hospice elder care offers a more comprehensive or holistic approach to her end-of-life care. This means that she has access to spiritual and psychological assistance if she needs that in order to cope. The entire family is also a part of this holistic approach, because you’re all dealing with some difficult circumstances.

The more that you learn about hospice elder care, the easier it is to determine when this type of care is right for your family member. Every situation is different, of course, and you should remember that your family member isn’t locked into one type of care permanently. She can go back to curative treatments if she changes her mind.

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