In House Pharmacy & DME

Grove Park Hospice’s connection with our pharmacy and home medical equipment eliminates concerns regarding quality of service provided by contracted agencies. This means giving you the care you need faster than any other hospice organization.

  • Grove Park Hospice is the area’s only hospice that is able to provide immediate 24 hour access to medication and medical equipment needed to care for Hospice patients in their homes.  This means you get your medications sooner rather than later, even if the pharmacy is closed.
  • Grove Park Hospice provides FULLY ELECTRIC HOSPITAL BEDS to Hospice patients.  The fully electric feature eliminates the need to manually crank to change the height of the bed as necessary with standard issue semi-electric beds.  This power feature decreases the physical strain on caregivers who are frequently older parents or spouses and promotes patient independence with bed operation.
  • Grove Park Hospice is able to provide “convenience/luxury” items owned by Grove Park Home Medical Equipment if needed to enhance quality of life.  These include but are not limited to: portable concentrators and power mobility devices.