High blood pressure is a big problem, but it becomes even more complicated as your family member nears the end of her life. Some of the techniques that used to help her control her blood pressure, such as exercise, may not be an option now. You may need to rely more on medication and dietary changes.

End of Life Care in Branchville SC: High Blood Pressure

End of Life Care in Branchville SC: High Blood Pressure

Helping with Blood Pressure Readings.

If your family member’s blood pressure is consistently high, her medical team may want readings more often than usual. This can get complicated for you if you have to be elsewhere. Having someone there who knows what they are doing can help significantly and ensures that whatever log you’re keeping with your family member’s blood pressure information is getting updated as often as it needs to be.

Preparing Foods that Are Within Dietary Guidelines.

At the end of your family member’s life, she may be considerably pickier about what she eats. She may have to balance that with dietary restrictions such as limiting salt or specific food items from her meals. Elder care providers can help you to stay on top of what your family member should be eating as well as what she’s most likely to enjoy eating so that you can find a happy medium and help to keep her body fueled.

Helping to Reduce Stress in the Household.

Stress is one of those external factors that can contribute to higher blood pressure levels for your family member. It’s common for you as a caregiver to be extremely stressed. This filters through everyone else in the household, including your aging family member. Having help with everyday tasks and getting rest allows you to reduce your personal stress levels which in turn can help to reduce your family member’s stress as well.

Managing Chronic Health Conditions.

Other health conditions, such as diabetes, can make high blood pressure more difficult to control. Having someone else to help you execute the care plan that you and your family member’s medical team have put together can make a big difference. It may not be possible to stay on top of multiple chronic health issues on your own, which is why relying on elder care providers can be a huge relief.

Having access to hospice elder care providers can give you the help that you need to make sure you’re covering all the bases when it comes to your family member’s high blood pressure. It’s a complicated scenario and the more you stick to your family member’s care plan the easier it will be to help keep her blood pressure under control.

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