Hospice Volunteer of the Month - Celia Richardson

Hospice Volunteer of the Month – Celia Richardson

Grove Park Hospice is proud to announce Mrs. Celia Richardson as our Hospice Volunteer of the Month! Celia has been a dedicated volunteer for Grove Park Hospice for over 5 years! Celia says she was drawn to volunteer for hospice because, “My dear father died under Hospice care and I learned then what a wonderful and important service Hospice is. Now my son-in-law is, sadly but thankfully, under Hospice care. I volunteer for Hospice because I wanted to be a part of this wonderful service which has served and is now serving my own family members with dignity and grace.”

Celia’s kind heart and warm words provide comfort and support for our patients and families, and her clerical skills are most appreciated by our staff members! Congratulations “Miss Celia!”