There may come a time when your elderly family member expresses a desire to remain at home for the time that she has left. There’s a lot that goes into that decision, both for you and for her. When you’re deciding if your senior should be at home during these last few months, hospice care can help you to meet your senior’s needs.

Assess How Bad She Feels and Whether She Wants to Go Anywhere

Hospice Santee SC - Should Your Senior Spend Her Remaining Time at Home?
Hospice Santee SC – Should Your Senior Spend Her Remaining Time at Home?

One of the factors that can come into play for your senior when she’s determining whether hospice care is right for her is whether she’s willing to travel back and forth to her doctor. Once she’s gotten to the point where she’s unwilling to do that any longer, it’s better for her to be at home. This can actually help to improve her mood, because she knows she won’t have to get in the car and spend time in offices and hospitals.

Look at What You’re Able to Do

You also need to do an honest assessment of what you’re able to do, both physically and emotionally. Caregiving takes a lot out of you and you likely have a host of other responsibilities calling for your attention. What are those other responsibilities and how much time do they require? If you’re in need of extra help, hospice care may be the answer that you and your senior each need.

Look at the Help You Have Available

It’s possible that you and your senior do have some extra help, but is that help qualified to assist your senior in the situations that she’s facing now? If not, that might not be the extent of the help that you require. Matching up the help you have with the needs you are aware of can help you to find the gaps that need coverage.

Get an Idea What Sort of Arrangements Have to Be Made

There may be a good bit of durable medical equipment that your senior needs in order to be comfortable at home. Or there may be other needs that require specific therapies or supplies that are difficult for you to manage on your own. That’s also where hospice care can make life at home so much easier for your senior and for you.

It’s up to your senior’s individual situation as to whether it’s right for her to be at home during the last few months of her life. Hospice care can help you to create the right atmosphere for her whenever your senior is ready for that.

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