Do you wonder if home care in addition to hospice care would actually be a benefit for you in your life? If you are providing some level of care and support to an aging senior, the simple answer is this: yes!

Hospice Care Vance SC - Three Signs Home Care Would Be a HUGE Stress Reliever for Your Life
Hospice Care Vance SC – Three Signs Home Care Would Be a HUGE Stress Reliever for Your Life

Make no mistake about it, home care is one of the best options for those elderly men and women who have difficulty maintaining their daily routines in life. Unfortunately, too many people dismiss home care as an option because they don’t know very much about it.

In fact, a majority of people might have certain misconceptions about what home care is and what it can offer. One of the most significant is people assume they have to hire somebody for full-time care. That’s not true, especially when you rely on an agency to offer those services.

Now, let’s talk about some of the signs that home care would be a great stress reliever for you in your life.

Sign #1: You can’t sleep while taking care of this aging parent.

Currently, you might be struggling to get enough sleep at night. Even though you may be functioning to some degree, even seeming to feel normal most days, if you are not getting at least seven hours of sleep at night, you are deprived of restful sleep.

Even if you’re in bed for seven hours or more, but are not sleeping through all of them or are waking up frequently throughout the night because of stress, you need help. A home care provider can offer you the assurance needed to allow you a restful night’s sleep.

Sign #2: You never realized looking after your elderly mother would take so much time.

You assumed this was your responsibility, your duty. Plus, this is your mother! Why would you help her in her time of need?

However, most family caregivers dramatically underestimate how much time and energy this type of job will take. Still, you don’t want to give up on her.

You don’t have to. With home care, you can hire somebody to fill in the gaps, so to speak. Somebody who could be there with your mother when you focus on your work, spend time with your own children, or are pursuing hobbies you gave up to support her. Those hobbies can be a great stress relief, too.

Sign #3: You’re arguing with this senior and others more often.

You never considered yourself to be a person who was prone to arguing, but that’s exactly what’s happening more frequently. When you’re arguing with this aging senior and others, it’s usually rooted in stress.

You are stressed. Home care is the antidote. Prescribe it for yourself, sit down with this aging senior who depends on you, and talk about relying on home care moving forward.

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