Comfort care focuses on just that: Keeping your senior as comfortable as she can be near the end of her life. This type of care is a part of non-curative treatments, meaning that your elderly family member is focusing on spending the time she has left enjoying that time as well as she can.

Comfort Care Helps You to Meet Her Wishes

Hospice Care Vance SC - Four Ways Comfort Care Can Help Your Family Member
Hospice Care Vance SC – Four Ways Comfort Care Can Help Your Family Member

When you know what your senior wants, but it’s difficult for you to meet those wishes, hospice care with a focus on comfort can help. It’s much easier to meet your senior’s wishes when you know what they are, of course. If possible, talk with her about how she wants these last few months of her life to go so that you can work with everyone involved to get as close to what she wants as possible.

It Keeps Quality of Life at the Top of the List

Hospice care helps to keep your senior’s quality of life high on the list of necessary items. Curative treatments and therapies often don’t take your senior’s comfort into account and can damage her quality of life significantly. By focusing on what helps her to feel as if her quality of life is higher, you’re able to spend more time engaging in the activities and parts of her day that help your senior to still feel vital.

It’s There When She Needs Nursing Help More Often

Your elderly family member may not have had many nursing needs in the past, but that can change fairly quickly, especially as her health changes. Hospice care providers are there for her to handle those situations quickly and efficiently. This also frees up your time and energy, particularly if you don’t feel comfortable managing healthcare equipment and procedures for your senior.

You and Other Family Members Need More Support

As your senior’s needs change, so too do your needs and the needs of other family members. It’s emotionally difficult to watch your senior near the end of her life, even if you’ve been prepared for that eventuality. Having help with practical matters while you and other family members tend to emotional needs can be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Hospice care providers can make so many aspects of your senior’s end-of-life care much easier to manage. They can handle the practicalities of her care and help you to understand what your senior needs most in order to be as comfortable as possible.

Excerpt: Providing comfort is a huge part of taking the best care possible of your senior at the end of her life.

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