If you and your elderly family member haven’t talked much about what she wants her funeral to look like, you might want to address that topic. Very often seniors want to be involved in these decisions, especially when you start talking about the smaller details. Instead of assuming she doesn’t want to be involved, it’s a good idea to ask.

Don’t Put it Off, Even Though it’s Difficult

Hospice Care St. Matthews SC - Five Ideas to Funeral Plan with Your Senior
Hospice Care St. Matthews SC – Five Ideas to Funeral Plan with Your Senior

Planning your senior’s funeral might not be something that either of you ever thought that you would do together, but it can be incredibly important to share this load with each other. The longer that you wait to have this talk, the less input your senior is going to have. Some seniors find it incredibly empowering to have some say in these final details. Start the conversation and go from there.

You Don’t Have to Rush

There’s an element of timeliness to this conversation, of course, but you don’t have to rush if your senior isn’t on board with this just yet. It’s worth waiting until your elderly family member feels better prepared to talk about these delicate matters. There are plenty of decisions to make and she might be ready to talk sooner than you expect.

Research the Available Choices

There are so many different options when it comes to planning your senior’s funeral. She might want to opt for cremation, traditional burial, or even a green funeral. The choices in each category are endless, really. What you might want to do is to research all the different choices and determine which options fit best with what your senior wants.

Keep Track of What Your Senior Likes and Wants

You and your elderly family member might have this conversation over a span of months, so it’s impossible to remember every detail by heart. It’s a really good idea to take notes and to keep track of what your senior wants and what she likes along the way. As you finalize details, you’re going to be able to see more quickly when you’ve got as many decisions locked down as you can.

Seek Guidance from Hospice Care

This is a really difficult time and project for you and your senior to tackle together. One option is to see what resources hospice elder care providers can help you to find. This is part of what they’re available to do for your family and they can help you to weed through what you don’t want.

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