There are a lot of different factors to consider when you and your senior are discussing the move to hospice care services. Finding the right hospice care is crucial in order to ensure that your senior’s needs are met and that she’s as comfortable as she can be.

Where Does Your Senior Want to Spend This Time?

Hospice Care Elloree SC - Questions to Consider When Choosing Hospice Care
Hospice Care Elloree SC – Questions to Consider When Choosing Hospice Care

Your aging adult may have more opinions about this stage of her life than you expect her to have. That’s especially true if you’ve both been avoiding this topic for a little too long. Does your senior want to be at home during the final stages of her life? Or is she more comfortable with the idea of being in a hospice facility that may be able to meet specific needs more easily? It’s important to know what she wants.

Is Your Senior Experiencing a Lot of Pain?

How much pain is your elderly family member experiencing? Also, is it manageable by techniques and medications that are available to her at home, or might she need a different type of setting to properly manage her pain? Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about what the best option might be for her. There may be more options available for your senior to effectively handle her pain than she realizes.

What Other Services and Treatments Does Your Senior Need?

There may be a variety of different treatments and services your senior is able to try if she’s no longer going through curative therapies. Massage therapy, physical therapy, and more might all be part of what she needs and wants to manage symptoms like pain. Some of these treatments are ones that are easy to bring to her, while others might not be.

What Kind of Support or Counseling Can the Family Benefit From?

Many family members don’t realize that they can benefit from bereavement counseling and other services as a part of hospice. If multiple family members have expressed difficulty with what’s happening, this may be something that becomes a priority for your family. Talk to the family members who are close to your senior and who may be having trouble with anticipatory grief, which is grief that is experienced before your senior passes away.

Finding the right hospice care services for your senior enables her to have the end-of-life experience that she most wants to have. This can be a huge weight off her mind and yours.

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