Grove Park Hospice, YOU ROCK! I’ve never encountered such an amazing group of people. Your services to me and my family during John’s brief time with your hospice awes me! Thank you for your services to the community. I’ll definitely be recommending you!

Thank you also for the flowers, card and the wonderful follow up. I’m so ditsy right now I forgot the chaplain’s name but he is wonderful, as is Amanda and the two gentlemen who brought and picked up the equipment. Again, I can’t recall their names.

My thankfulness and appreciation!

Hospice Care Orangeburg SC - "YOU ROCK!" I'll Definitely Be Recommending You
Hospice Care Orangeburg SC – “YOU ROCK!” I’ll Definitely Be Recommending You

If you or your aging loved one could benefit from Hospice Care in Orangeburg SC, contact the caring staff at Grove Park Hospice, (803) 536-6644.