Hospice Care Orangeburg SC – We Made the Right Choice: Grove Park Hospice!

Words can’t express how much we appreciated the care extended to our mom! Seeing how gently and kindly she was treated let us know we made the right choice in letting Grove Park Hospice care for her needs. Seeing the kind of nurse Jacqui is let us know that anyone who was employed there had the same nurturing spirit.

Debbie pushed the process through; a process that takes days in just hours. The same day our mom was being assessed by Paula. I only had the privilege of meeting Tammy who kept threatening to take mom home (with her). She was even able to get the biggest smile our of our mom! She’s special, but we watched her to make sure she didn’t kidnap Mommy :). Amanda was the last to care for her before she passed.

Thank you! Thanks also are extended to Joanne who so kindly assisted my sister and me with our FMLA papers and to Ken who delivered flowers from the team.You will never know what this meant to us! –The Pryor Family

If you or your aging loved one could benefit from Hospice Care in Orangeburg SC, contact the caring staff at Grove Park Hospice, (803) 536-6644.