One of the worries you might have about hospice care is what happens to you once your senior no longer needs your care and assistance. The truth is that hospice care is there to augment the types of care your senior is already getting, not to replace you or anyone else. Hospice can make your life easier and your senior’s life more comfortable.

Hospice Is There to Help

Hospice Care North SC - Does Hospice Care Replace Caregivers Altogether?
Hospice Care North SC – Does Hospice Care Replace Caregivers Altogether?

This stage of your senior’s life can be very different from the phases that you’ve helped her through before. She may need more advanced care which is better provided by nursing staff. There are also therapies and treatments that you may not feel comfortable providing for your elderly family member at this stage. This takes a tremendous load off your shoulders.

You Might Be Offering Different Kinds of Care Now

As much as hospice care can free up your time and energy, it doesn’t replace you completely. You’re probably in a stage where you’re offering different types of care to your senior and to other family members as well. You’re far more likely to be providing emotional support rather than practical, hands-on assistance. This can allow you to take care of yourself a little bit more effectively now, too.

You’re Still the Voice for Your Senior’s Care

Hospice care also doesn’t take over being your senior’s advocate. They’ll certainly help you to continue to be your senior’s advocate in all the important ways, but you’re going to be the primary voice for your senior’s wishes and needs. That’s something that no one else will be able to do as well as you can, especially after your time as her primary family caregiver.

Hospice Enables Family Members to Feel More Comfortable Visiting

Other family members might feel less comfortable than they would like to admit visiting your senior family member. That’s especially true if she needs a lot of assistance or care. Having them visit and spend time with your senior can be so powerful for her, though. Knowing that hospice care providers are there can help to keep your other family members at ease, allowing them to spend a lot more time simply being with your senior.

Hospice care isn’t about replacing you or other family members in your senior’s life. It’s about keeping her comfortable and ensuring that she has what she needs in terms of care when she needs it.

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