Sometimes, change is difficult to accept. For an elderly senior, relying on in-home care as an option may not be easy to accept. But it can be beneficial. In fact, home care is one of the better options for seniors as they get older and need help with regular activities.

Hospice Care Eutawville SC - Three Keys to Help Prepare an Aging Senior for Home Care Support
Hospice Care Eutawville SC – Three Keys to Help Prepare an Aging Senior for Home Care Support

It may be difficult to convince some seniors to look into home care, but once he or she has accepted this, it may be beneficial to help them prepare. Below are three simple keys that can help a senior prepare for in-home care support.

  1. Discuss their worries.

First and foremost, always remember that is the senior’s decision whether they receive in-home care support services. Once they have agreed to this, they may have worries still.

And that’s okay. Having worries or doubts is not bad. However, it’s important to address them. Talk about the things they’re concerned about. You may discover ideas, thoughts, or fears you never knew existed, even with an aging parent, spouse, or other loved one who is advancing in years.

Talk about these openly. Don’t simply dismiss them and say things like, “That’s just all in your head, mom.” Instead, validate their feelings, their emotions, because they are genuine.

But, discuss them honestly. And, if you don’t know the answer to something, say so. Don’t lie or try to sugarcoat something, but rather let them know you will find out the best you can and then go and do so.

By validating their emotions, it shows they are still valued as individuals and it’s a powerful asset in being prepared for a new life change.

  1. Encourage this as their choice.

As mentioned, this should always be the senior’s choice, not a family member’s. If this aging senior does not want a home care provider, don’t force it upon them. However, you may need to research the benefits of in-home care and discuss things the elderly person might still be able to do with this level of professional, experienced help.

When you encourage this has been their choice, they feel empowered. That is a wonderful benefit when life seems to be spinning out of control.

  1. Ask about things he or she would like to do again.

There may be certain activities like going to the park and feeding the birds or spending time with some friends they haven’t done in a while because they simply can’t get around on their own.

By talking about these things as though they are still possible, which they are thanks to in-home care, they will feel more inspired and even enthusiastic about this new change.

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