Your senior has physical needs at the end of her life, but she also has emotional needs that are equally important. Meeting those needs is a lot easier when you are able to focus solely on them. Hospice care services can enable you to do that.

Look for Things You Can Do Together

Hospice Care Branchville SC - Emotional Care Needs Met by Hospice Care
Hospice Care Branchville SC – Emotional Care Needs Met by Hospice Care

Even if your elderly family member is bedridden, there’s a lot more that you can do for and with her than you might think. Just being there with your senior is often tremendously helpful. That’s true whether you’re just sitting beside her quietly or laughing about old family stories. Talk to your senior, watch movies with her, or play card games together. Maintaining whatever connection you can is important.

Let Your Senior Bring up Heavy Topics, if She Wants

By the time your elderly family member is getting closer to the end of her life, you’ve probably tried to have all of the difficult conversations already. If she didn’t want to talk about them then, she’s not likely to want to talk now. But if she is the one bringing up those heavy topics, listen. Let her talk to you about what she fears right now or what she wants. This may be your last opportunity to have that information straight from her.

Honor Your Senior’s Wishes as Much as Possible

As much as you can, make sure that you’re honoring your elderly family member’s wishes. This can be much easier if she’s shared her explicit wishes with you, of course. There is a lot of trust involved in letting someone else know your last wishes, and your senior is counting on you to do your best to honor hers.

Be Honest with Your Senior

Some family members might think that it’s important to protect your senior from bad news or from information that might upset her. But this is a delicate stage of your senior’s life, and if she feels that she’s not being told the full story, that can be a huge issue for her. Not giving her the full story can be stressful for her, and that is something you’re trying to avoid.

Help from Hospice Care

Having help from hospice care services can ensure that you’re able to be there for your senior on an emotional level. They can help with the hands-on practical care that may have been taking up a lot of your time and energy.

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