Lots of times family members and even friends might be reluctant to visit your senior if she’s being cared for by hospice care providers. This isn’t because they don’t care about her. It’s often tied to nerves and to being uncertain how to proceed.

Definitely Do Visit

Hospice Care North SC-Four Tips for Family Members Visiting Someone in Hospice
Hospice Care North SC-Four Tips for Family Members Visiting Someone in Hospice

The first thing that other family members need to understand is that it’s definitely important for them to visit your senior. It’s very rare for your senior to be in a situation in which visitors are not a good idea. If you’re in doubt, talk to your elderly family member’s doctors and the rest of her medical team to determine if other family members should visit.

Bring Gifts or Conversational Items

One idea that can help family members to get past lingering nervousness is for them to bring a gift or something that sparks conversation. Books, flowers, or even pictures of family members, friends, or pets can all be something your senior treasures in the time that she has left. If your elderly family member has dietary requirements or other issues, then food might not be the right item to bring.

Talking Is Optional

Sometimes people resist visiting family members and friends who are near the end of their life because they don’t know what to talk about. That’s a valid concern, but it doesn’t have to be what holds people back. Let them know that if they’re not comfortable talking, they don’t have to. If all they have to say is that they love your senior, that’s more than enough. Your senior might not be up for holding a conversation at all, and that helps to relieve some of the pressure.

Follow the Senior’s Lead

If visitors are still feeling uncertain, let them know that it’s okay to follow your senior’s lead. Some days may be ones in which she’s more able and willing to talk, for instance, while other days might be ones in which she wants to listen to music she loves. When you and other family members follow her lead, you’re able to be a little bit more in tune with what she needs and wants in that moment.

Often the idea of visiting someone who is receiving hospice care is much scarier than the actual visit. Helping your other family members to get past that fear can be the key to inspiring a visit. And that can bring them and your senior incredible joy at this difficult stage of her life.

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