Heart disease covers a lot of ground and it might affect your senior more now than it ever has before. Part of living the best that she can with heart disease may mean that your elderly family member decides that it’s time to make the move to hospice care.

She’s Not Engaging in Her Normal Activities

Hospice Care Branchville SC – Four Reasons Your Senior Might Opt for Hospice with Heart Disease

As heart disease becomes more of a problem, your senior might find that it’s a lot more difficult for her to keep up with her regular daily activities. But it’s not just her weekly dance classes or her book club meetings that might become more difficult for her. She might find that daily activities like showering or even just getting out of bed are wearing her out a lot more than she expects. That might mean she’s limiting what she does to a severe extent.

She’s Feeling Exhausted More Frequently

Limiting her activities will only take your senior so far, though. She may find that she’s feeling exhausted a lot more often and that she even falls asleep when she’s trying to stay awake. Sleeping more often during the day and feeling unable to get out of bed because of exhaustion can all be signs that her heart disease is gradually worsening more quickly than she thought.

She’s Leaning Away from Traditional Curative Treatments

Traditional curative treatments can take a lot out of your senior. She may have to go to the hospital for treatments or testing. Your senior may be at the point where all of this feels pointless for her. She may decide that she would much rather find solutions that give her the best quality of life possible with the time she has left.

She’s Been in the Hospital a Lot More Frequently

If your elderly family member has been in the hospital more than she has been in the past, that takes a lot out of her. She also may not be recovering from those trips to the ER or from those sudden admissions to the hospital the way that she used to recover. She may decide that she would far rather be treated in the ways that she can at home rather than going to the hospital, particularly if she’s vulnerable to germs at the hospital. Hospice care can help her to map out what those treatments would look like.

Your senior’s doctors can help you and her to decide when it’s truly time for her to lean on hospice care services. They can recommend alternative treatments and help her to determine what’s right for her right now.

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