Talking about death and dying, as well as the situations leading up to that event, are not easy at all. Your senior might be avoiding those topics, which can be a problem when you’re trying to help her to have the best quality of life that she can have.

Listen to What Your Senior Says Elsewhere

End of Life Care Elloree SC - Five Strategies When Your Senior Doesn’t Want to Talk about Dying
End of Life Care Elloree SC – Five Strategies When Your Senior Doesn’t Want to Talk about Dying

Your senior might not want to talk about the end of her life in a big conversation, but she might be sharing some details about how she feels in other ways. She might have some spontaneous utterances at other times that help you to see how she feels about certain aspects of her end-of-life wishes. You can start collecting these observations to open up the topic further when she seems receptive.

Avoidance Isn’t a Great Plan

You might feel tempted to follow your senior’s lead and start avoiding the topic, too. But if you do give in to that urge, you’re losing time in which you could be finding out more about what will help your senior to have the best quality of life possible for as long as possible. Even if your elderly family member still isn’t ready to have a full conversation, you need to still try.

Her Doctor Might Be Able to Help

Your senior’s doctor can be a huge help with conversations about her end-of-life plans. Your senior might not want to talk about her prognosis with you but talking things over with her doctor can be a different story. She may feel as if her doctor can give her different insights into what she’s going to need in the future.

Religious Advisors Might Be Able to Help, Too

Some people find that talking about end-of-life issues is much easier when they talk about it with a religious figure in their lives. Your elderly family member might feel that talking about the end of her life means addressing spiritual concerns rather than health and wellness concerns. Take that seriously because you can set her mind at ease.

Hospice Can Offer Additional Resources

Hospice care providers make dealing with the practical aspects of your senior’s end-of-life care much easier. They can also help you to find additional resources that can give you and your senior the assistance you need to talk through these difficult topics.

Even if your senior doesn’t want to talk about this situation it doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about it. In fact, she might be spending a lot more time than you realize thinking about all of this. Use love and compassion to help her open up to you so that you can work through this all together.

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