Figuring out when it’s time for your elderly family member to rely on specific assistance, like end-of-life care, might feel beyond impossible to you. There’s always that fear that you’re “giving up” too soon. But end-of-life care isn’t about giving up or believing that your elderly family member is about to pass away at any moment. It’s about making the time that she has left as comfortable as possible, no matter how much time that is.

Your Senior Is Out of Curative Options

End of Life Care Bamberg SC - When Is it Time to Choose End-of-life Care?
End of Life Care Bamberg SC – When Is it Time to Choose End-of-life Care?

One of the biggest reasons for your elderly family member to consider end-of-life care might be due to curative options being off the table. This can happen for a variety of reasons, whether there are no more options for her or she simply no longer wants to receive any curative therapies. When that time does come, your senior is more likely to be open to end-of-life care options.

Her Quality of Life Is Suffering

One of the reasons that your senior may not want to try curative treatments any longer can come down to quality of life issues. Curative treatments can be harsh at times, and they may be something that your senior no longer feels are beneficial. If the cure is worse than the ailment, she may opt to focus on her quality of life instead.

Your Senior’s Health Is Worsening and End of Life Care can Assist

Your elderly family member might also be experiencing some big changes in her overall health. When that happens, it can be difficult to focus on trying to do more than stabilize your senior and manage her symptoms. Keeping her comfortable may become far more important, both to her and to you, than anything else at this stage.

She Wants to Be at Home

Also, your elderly family member may not want to be anywhere but at home. This can be especially true if your senior has been hospitalized more often lately or has had to go to the emergency room more often. The discomfort of having to be away from home may be something that your elderly family member wants to avoid more often as her health continues to change.

There’s no one right answer for the question of end-of-life care. What matters is that this type of care meets your senior’s needs in the moment and that this is what she really wants. It helps to take some time and evaluate how this type of care can help your senior most.

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