You might not be able to do as much as you want for your senior at the end of her life, but you can probably offer her a great deal of emotional comfort. If you’re unsure how you can do that, these ideas can help with her end of life care.

Vent Your Feelings, but Not to Your Senior

End of Life Care Santee SC - Ways to Offer End of Life Emotional Comfort
End of Life Care Santee SC – Ways to Offer End of Life Emotional Comfort

You’re going through a lot right now, as your elderly family member edges closer to the end of her life. But she is, too. That means that you need to find someone else to talk to about how you’re feeling, so that you can be honest and open without laying your burdens on your senior’s shoulders. If you’re not sure who you can talk to, hospice care providers can help you to find the right answer.

Listen to Your Senior if She Wants to Talk

That said, though, if your elderly family member wants to talk to you about how she’s feeling or anything that she feels has been left undone, listen. You don’t have to have all the answers, but right now all she needs is someone to listen to her. This can be more helpful than you realize.

Be Honest with Your Senior

It’s also important if you don’t talk around your senior and definitely don’t use therapeutic lies if she’s aware of what’s happening. Be as honest and open with your senior as you can be. It’s not always easy to share information that’s difficult to hear, but if you withhold it, that affects the trust your senior has in you.

Do What You Can to Honor Her Wishes

Your elderly family member may have made some choices and decisions that you don’t necessarily agree with completely. But it’s important to remember that this is her life and her death. Make sure that she knows that you’re going to do everything that you can to honor her wishes.

Just Be There for Her End of Life Care

One of the biggest things you can do for her is to just be there for her. That can accomplish quite a lot, whether your senior has any last-minute information she wants to share with you or not. Your companionship can go a long way.

Nothing about your senior passing away is easy. But having the care that she needs from experienced end of life care providers can ensure that you and your family members are able to help your senior to be as comfortable as possible in those last few months.

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