Your senior may not be eating as well as you expect at the end of her life. That can be troubling, especially if you’ve worked hard for a long time to help her to increase the nutritional benefits in her diet. She may need less food right now, so there might be some adjustments you both need to make.

Steer Clear of Sugary Foods

End of Life Care Vance SC - How to Help Your Senior to Eat at the End of Her Life
End of Life Care Vance SC – How to Help Your Senior to Eat at the End of Her Life

Sweet foods, particularly foods that are sweetened with extra sugar, might sound good to your elderly family member but they can upset her stomach. She might be okay with a little bit of something sweet, and that can give her an energy boost. But a steady diet of overly sweet foods is likely not going to have the effect either of you really want.

Use Favorites if They’re Appealing

If your elderly family member has some favorite foods that she really loves, it might be a good idea to try tempting her with some of those foods. Even if those foods aren’t the healthiest choice, like having fries from a favorite fast food place, they may be something that can get your senior eating. Ultimately, as she nears the end of her life her appetite is going to slow down significantly and she still needs fuel for her body.

Hydration Matters Even More Now

Water always matters, but it might matter even more now. If your elderly family member’s appetite has severely decreased, she’s likely no longer getting much or any water from foods that she’s eating. That makes it even more important for her to sip water throughout the day. Being properly hydrated allows her body to be able to flush waste from her system and can help her to avoid muscle aches and pains from dehydration.

Every Day Has Unique Challenges

As a caregiver you already know that every day isn’t like all the others that came before it. But that’s even more true now as your elderly family member edges closer to the end of her life. She’s going to have good days and bad days and you may not be able to predict which is going to be which. When she’s willing and able to eat, take advantage of that fact.

These are some of the challenges that can be incredibly daunting for you as a caregiver at the end of your senior’s life. End of life care providers can make life easier for both you and your senior as they help you to navigate these difficulties.

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