The end of your senior’s life is a time when you want her to be as comfortable as possible. That can be complicated by some of these situations.

Breathing Is More Difficult

End of Life Care St. Matthews SC - Five Reasons Your Senior Experiences Discomfort Near the End of Her Life
End of Life Care St. Matthews SC – Five Reasons Your Senior Experiences Discomfort Near the End of Her Life

As your senior nears the end of her life, she may find that she has more and more difficulty with her breathing. Changing positions might help a little bit, but there are lots of reasons that she may have more trouble getting air. Sometimes the health issues she’s battling are the cause, but medications and treatments can also contribute. Trying to ease her breathing may be all that you can do for her.

She Has More Trouble Eating

Eating also becomes more difficult. Your elderly family member may no longer have an appetite, or she might find that eating is uncomfortable for her. Your senior’s digestive system may even start to shut down, partially because she needs fewer and fewer calories as she nears the end of her life. A liquid diet may be all that she feels comfortable keeping down.

Temperature Regulation Becomes More Difficult

So many of your senior’s bodily systems may stop working the way that she’s used to. Her ability to regulate her body temperature can fluctuate, too. It’s a good idea to keep light throws and blankets available so that your senior can add or remove coverings as necessary.

She’s in More Pain

Pain becomes more of an issue for your elderly family member at the end of her life, too. There are the aches and pains that she’s already been dealing with, but there may be others, too. Some of that pain can occur because some of her body’s systems are starting to shut down. Her doctors and hospice elder care providers can help you to put together a plan that helps her to manage her pain more effectively.

She May Become Fatigued Easily

Fatigue becomes a bigger concern as your elderly family member nears the end of her life, too. She may find that it’s much more difficult for her to stay awake, even when she wants to be awake and to participate in what’s going on around her. As she sleeps more, she may find it’s more difficult to keep up with what’s happening.

Managing comfort as you’re able to may be the best that you and your other family members can do for your senior right now. Work with her medical providers and hospice elder care providers to determine what else is an option for her.

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