It’s possible that you’ve been shouldering the majority of your senior’s care for quite a while now. There may have been other people helping here and there, but most caregivers tend to do it all. As your senior nears the end of her life, it’s important for you to expand the team as much as you can. That gives you a chance to spend more quality time with your senior.

Her Doctors and Medical Providers

End of Life Care Holly Hill SC - Who Is Part of Your Senior’s End-of-life Team?
End of Life Care Holly Hill SC – Who Is Part of Your Senior’s End-of-life Team?

Your senior’s doctors and other medical providers are always a part of her team, even at the end of her life. The big difference may be that her doctors are recommending different treatments than before and that she may not see them as often as she did in the past. The reasoning for that is that she doesn’t need to see them as often if she’s got other help.

Hospice Elder Care Providers

Hospice elder care involves providers who handle the care needs for your senior and a care manager who oversees everyone and serves as the liaison between your senior and her medical team. Hospice elder care providers are able to handle medical treatments, personal care tasks, and general comfort care, too. A lot of the caregiving duties that you’ve been handling may now be ones that you can delegate, which can free you up for other necessary tasks.

Friends, Family Members, and Other Volunteers

There are so many people who care about your elderly family member. Besides you, there are other family members, possibly friends, and even other volunteers from other agencies that are part of your senior’s team during this time. All of you are working together to help your senior to have what she needs most right now.

Other Resource Providers

Other resource providers, such as a spiritual leader or a social worker, may also be part of the team that helps to care for your senior right now. There may be so many different loose ends that your elderly family member wants to tie up before she passes away. That’s still possible, no matter how close to the end she believes herself to be.

Letting all of the different members of your elderly family member’s end-of-life team do what they can to make this time easier for her is going to be one of the best things you can do. As you see more about how all of the different pieces work together, you’re going to be able to find comfort in that yourself.

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