As your elderly family member starts to deal with the later stages of cancer her entire life changes yet again. Your senior’s need for the help that you provide to her may change slightly to be more emotionally supportive rather than as hands-on as your help might have been to this point.

Communicate with Her, if She’s Able

End of Life Care Elloree SC - How to Be There for Your Senior as Her Cancer Battle Ends
End of Life Care Elloree SC – How to Be There for Your Senior as Her Cancer Battle Ends

If you’re able to talk to your senior and get responses back, talk to her and keep her informed. Whatever she’s willing to talk about now is important, because she may be feeling some pressure from the passage of time to get out what she wants to say. Let your senior know that you’re there for her.

Make Sure You Know What She Wants

You might feel as if you don’t quite know what your senior wants, even if you’ve had some conversations about her wishes. If she’s still able to talk with you, now is the time to get more detailed information. This is going to help you both, because first you’ll have a better understanding of what your senior wants, but you’re also going to feel more prepared for what’s still to come.

Do What You Can to Meet Her Needs

Every day is going to be a little different for your senior at this stage of her battle. She may not be undergoing curative treatments, but she still has medical procedures happening, like having her vitals taken. Keep your elderly family member involved in decisions as much as possible and do what you can to work with and around what her changing needs are in the given moment.

End-of-life Care Can Be a Huge Help

You may feel as if some days you just don’t know what you’re doing or where to turn. That’s when end-of-life care providers might be of the most help to you. They’re going to be able to help with the practical concerns of your senior’s care, but they can also help you to find the resources that you need in order to keep facing what’s happening every day.

Taking care of your senior as she deals with the later stages of cancer is not an easy task. But it’s one that you can face much more easily when you are able to go with the flow a bit more. Get the help that you need to make sure that you’re handling everything in the best ways possible.

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