Digestive problems can be a huge concern near the end of your senior’s life. The reason for this is that they can quickly make your senior uncomfortable and often what you can control most for her at this time is her comfort. These are just a few of the situations you’ll need to keep an eye on.

She Might Not Feel Like Eating

End of Life Branchville SC - Digestive Issues Can Be a Big Problem for Your Senior at the End of Her Life
End of Life Branchville SC – Digestive Issues Can Be a Big Problem for Your Senior at the End of Her Life

Your senior’s appetite might be a shadow now of what it used to be in the past. Keep in mind also that she’s less active now than she most likely was in the past and that has a huge impact on how likely she is to feel hungry. Depending on the medications that she’s taking and the health issues that she’s facing, that can also be a big factor in how interested she’s likely to be in eating.

What you can do is to provide her with meal choices that are as full of nutrition as possible, even if they’re in a format that she’s more likely to find appealing. For instance, you can pack a smoothie with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, even while adding chocolate flavoring that makes it appealing.

She Could Be Experiencing Nausea or Vomiting

One of the big reasons your senior might be experiencing appetite changes could be that she’s experiencing nausea. For some people, this can be due to medications that she’s taking or to other treatments, like chemotherapy. In other situations, the illness itself might make your senior vomit or cause nausea. It’s difficult for her to keep food down when she’s battling these issues. Your senior’s doctor might have some suggestions to offer that can help.

Her Bowels Can Become Much Too Slow

When your senior’s life slows way down, so much else can slow down, too. If she’s not eating a lot and she’s not very active, her bowels and her entire digestive system are likely slowing down, too. All of this can create discomfort and can make eating less desirable for your senior, too. Medication that softens stool and helps to keep your senior’s bowels moving can help her to not only feel more comfortable, but also might inspire her to eat more.

There is so much to keep up with for your senior when she’s nearing the end of her life that you might feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all. Hospice elder care providers can help you to fill in gaps that you might not have noticed otherwise, especially when it comes to helping your senior to have the best quality of life possible in this stage of her life.

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