So many people every year avoid hospice elder care services, mainly because there are so many misunderstandings about hospice and how it differs from other services, like home health care. Understanding those differences might help you and your senior to reach out earlier for hospice, which can make a tremendous difference for your senior.

Home Health Care Is Curative Assistance

Hospice Care Eutawville SC - Difference Between Home Health Care and Hospice
Hospice Care Eutawville SC – Difference Between Home Health Care and Hospice

The goal of home health care services is to help your senior to recover. That recovery might be from an illness, an injury, or even from surgery. Your senior is able to recover at home, with assistance right there with her along the way. Home health care providers work closely with your senior’s medical team to make sure that she’s healing properly. Eventually, she won’t need home health care any longer.

Hospice Care Is About Caring for People in a Terminal State

Hospice care providers, on the other hand, are not offering curative therapies. The main focus with hospice is to help your elderly family member to experience the best quality of life as she can as she faces a terminal situation. Your elderly family member is able to be at home if she wants, and she’s surrounded by compassionate supporters.

Your Senior Has a Hospice Care Team

There are a wide range of people assisting your senior and the rest of your family with a hospice elder care team. There are team members who offer medical assistance and there are team members who are there to offer psychological, spiritual, or emotional support, too. All of these different factors are a part of helping your elderly family member and the rest of your family to cope with what’s happening.

Hospice Services Can Help Your Senior to Stay at Home

Probably most importantly, hospice elder care services can help your senior to stay at home, which may be the most comforting place for her to be. Very often older adults who are nearing the end of a battle with a terminal condition are adamant that they don’t want to go anywhere else. With the right support, your senior doesn’t have to. She can stay right where she is for as long as she wants to do so.

Hospice services are not about giving up on your senior or her situation at all. They’re about getting her the support that she needs most, when she truly needs it the most.

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