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Could Your Senior Have COPD?

by Charles Thompson, Owner

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a sometimes silent illness that people often don’t realize that they have until they experience severe symptoms. In honor of National COPD Month in November, take a look at some of the symptoms of COPD and see if your elderly family member might need to talk to her […]

Keeping a Pain Diary Might Help with End-of-life Options

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Your senior may be in a unique situation now. She may have decided to pull back on medical treatments, which can mean that she’s dealing with an increase in pain levels. She could also be experiencing worsening pain because it’s just getting worse. Regardless, one tool you can use right away is a pain diary. […]

What Does Pain Management Do for Your Senior?

by Charles Thompson, Owner

As your elderly family member nears the end of her life, pain might seem like a constant companion that just isn’t going away. You might not be able to eliminate pain completely, but you can definitely put a plan in place that helps in some key ways. Hospice care services can be one of the […]

Four Signs it Might Be Time to Consider Hospice with COPD

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Throughout the time that your senior has battled COPD she likely had stretches of time when she was able to experience a bit of calm with this unpredictable disease. But COPD is progressive and while it might slow down, it doesn’t stop. At some point, hospice care might be something to consider. Techniques Learned at […]

Four Complicated Aspects of Late-stage Kidney Disease

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Whatever your elderly family member is facing with the later stages of kidney disease, she may have decided that curative therapies, like dialysis, are no longer what she wants. That’s when hospice may be helpful for you and for her. Treatment Options Might Be Different In the earlier stages of kidney disease, your senior might […]

Preventing Skin Breakdown Involves a Variety of Steps

by Charles Thompson, Owner

As your senior spends more time bedridden, she’s more likely to experience something called skin breakdown. This is a condition that involves pressure sores and other problems that you can help her to avoid. You may not be able to completely prevent skin breakdown for your senior, but you can reduce the impact that it […]