Hospice Care

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Difference Between Home Health Care and Hospice

by Charles Thompson, Owner

So many people every year avoid hospice elder care services, mainly because there are so many misunderstandings about hospice and how it differs from other services, like home health care. Understanding those differences might help you and your senior to reach out earlier for hospice, which can make a tremendous difference for your senior. Home […]

Questions to Consider When Choosing Hospice Care

by Charles Thompson, Owner

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you and your senior are discussing the move to hospice care services. Finding the right hospice care is crucial in order to ensure that your senior’s needs are met and that she’s as comfortable as she can be. Where Does Your Senior Want to Spend […]

Misunderstandings about Hospice Care

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Care at the end of life is something that not a lot of people are comfortable talking about, mainly because death and dying are complicated and difficult topics. That unfortunately leads to a lot of misunderstandings about what hospice care is and how it can help your elderly family member during this stage of her […]