End of Life Care in Santee SC

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Four Ways End-of-life Care Is Practical

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Some people may believe that having extra assistance at the end of life is all about fuss and bother. In fact, your senior might have been against the idea for a while. But the reality is that end-of-life care offers practical assistance that makes the situation easier for everyone involved. Helping with Routine, Daily Activities […]

Are You Worried about Caring for Your Senior on Your Own?

by Charles Thompson, Owner

Whether you have other family members helping or not, you may feel all alone as your senior’s caregiver. Getting past that feeling may not be easy, but the reality is that there are a lot more resources available than you might have thought. Talk to Other Family Members about Helping Out If you’re not the […]

Five Benefits of Choosing Hospice Care

by Charles Thompson, Owner

When it comes to looking at the different options available to your senior at the end of her life, it helps to understand what the benefits are of each type of care. Hospice offers some unique benefits that really allow your elderly family member to customize her care. Hospice at Home Is Comforting Chances are […]